4 Tips For Using Digital Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business

When your grandparents’ generation ran small- to medium-sized businesses, they had a small number of marketing options open to them. They advertised in print and broadcast media, made a lot of cold calls, pounded the pavement, attended networking events, joined the Chamber of Commerce, and more.

Today, things are easier and more diverse. Marketing strategies have changed to incorporate the latest technologies and techniques. While much of what businesses did in days past, to build a brand and generate leads, still applies, using digital marketing should be a priority when reaching today’s potential customers and clients.

Unfortunately, many remain confused about how to incorporate digital marketing into their overall business plan.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses the full range of computer- and digital device-aided advertising tactics.

Experts advise companies looking at digital marketing to put together a comprehensive strategy that takes into account a wide range of aspects. This strategy includes demographics, the different ways that social media and other digital tools can be used, the costs associated with each, and more.

With digital marketing essential for most businesses, including startups, we have included some tips on how to use it effectively.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Firstly, never think of social media as free. It costs you in terms of time and effort. Any time that your business wastes time and effort, it wastes money. It also distracts from tasks that could be more successful or productive.

Think smart when using social media as one of your digital marketing tools. Target outlets and approaches most likely to produce the best results.

Use Email Marketing Effectively

Most do not know that email remains the king of digital marketing techniques, providing the best returns. Businesses use email marketing to keep their customers updated, provide access to exclusive content, and offer discounts and deals.

Email marketing by itself, however, will not raise your digital marketing strategy to its full potential. Connecting it to a wider array of techniques, such as a good website, effective social media, and more will maximize the potential of email marketing.

Create a Strategy to Drive Traffic To Your Business

Digital marketing strategies should have only one central focus. They need to drive traffic toward your business. This includes both clicks to your site and social media outlets as well as feet through your door (if you have one.)

Every time you consider an approach, a technique, or the use of a new social media platform, always ask yourself, “does this drive traffic and will this lead to increased sales and profits.”

Too many try to use marketing to make themselves all things to all people. Whatever message you share with the target market, remember your priorities. Keep your focus tight on your product or service and how it can benefit the customer or client.

Build a Brand Image With Digital Tools

Building a brand image must serve as the centerpiece of any branding strategy.

In the digital age, this encompasses more than making sure that your customers or clients remember your logo or name.

The market increasingly seeks to relate to and connect with businesses providing goods and services. In the digital age, the illusion and feeling of connection have emerged as one of the most important goals of all marketing campaigns.

Wendy’s, for example, has used an intelligently snarky Twitter feed to inject a vibe of good humor and irreverence into its brand. The feed more often highlights good-natured jabs against competitors--and even their own customers--than its products.

Its success has even gotten Wendy’s consistent earned media covering the Twitter account by itself.

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