6 Trends Affecting MarTech Companies From stratEDGE

Keeping up with the ever more rapidly expanding capabilities of technology, shifting marketplace, and the global economy will present significant challenges to martech companies in the coming months and years.

While the past decade has not reflected stability and certainty, the scope and scale of changes to come will likely dwarf the challenges over the past generation.

We speculate that those who remain abreast of the changes will have added opportunities for marketing success.

What Is MarTech?

The term “martech” refers to a sector of marketing where companies use software, technology tools, and related techniques to develop and execute marketing campaigns.

As the marketplace more fully embraces more comprehensive digital lifestyles, companies have more ability to share their branding messages.

Voice Searches Will Continue to Expand

Devices capable of performing voice searches will continue to find acceptance in the American market. Most young adults and children find their presence not only a normal, but an essential part of life. Those of other ages also find them convenient.

Voice searches provide prime opportunities for data collection and also digital marketing. This form of technology, however, could see curbs in use if companies continue to abuse their capabilities and seem intrusive.

Automation and AI Will Shape the Future of Business

Companies will continue to automate and use artificial intelligence in any way possible, including digital marketing. As devices and software advance in sophistication, they can take over many aspects of simple customer and client interactions.

Automation and AI can also streamline many critical marketing processes, enhancing efficiency, and improving return on investment.

We recommend that companies take care when examining which products to use, as some work better for some specific industries than others.

Companies Will Use Chatbots More

Recent years have seen increasing use of chatbots in digital marketing and consumer engagement. Most business website creators and templates offer basic chatbot services. Chatbots can help to direct customers and clients to relevant information. They can also refer difficult problems and questions to human operators or staff.

Chatbots also demonstrate the advances made in human and computer interaction. As they continue to "converse" more naturally, customers and clients will rely on them more often.

This will help to relieve the issue of client and customer frustration in outsourcing service calls abroad.

Video Will Continue to Provide Strong Results

Online videos continue to rapidly expand in number, popularity, and revenues generated. We see no slacking off in the near future of either their popularity or usefulness.

Videos do better than print in creating “captive audience” scenarios when people get compelled to experience at least part of the digital marketing message. Also, online games have found great success in having customers voluntarily experience advertisements in exchange for game-related consideration.

Email Will Maintain Its Lead

Email remains the most successful digital marketing device, and likely also the oldest. It serves as one of the simplest techniques to use and works best as a gateway for clients and customers to access the rest of the digital marketing strategy.

Companies that can successfully connect email campaigns to a broader strategy will get the best results.

5G Will Revolutionize the Digital World

Currently, we can only guess the impact of 5G when available globally. While the main improvements of 4G over 3G primarily lay in elevated speed, 5G will offer significantly improved capabilities.

Experts do not know yet the full range of possibilities that digital marketing and business will be able to access. Mar Tech companies will want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to using and developing techniques for the 5G world

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