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October 29, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by stratEDGE®

Ad campaigns can make or break a business overnight. They are a significant financial investment and an extreme letdown if they don’t take off and deliver the expected effects. If you’re tired of gambling with your marketing budget, stratEDGE is the cross-platform advertising tool for you. With stratEDGE, you’ll be able to sit back and relax as we work on your campaign, while your competition wonders why their bank account is drained.

Observe Multiple Campaigns

It can be difficult for business owners to keep track of their own marketing campaigns, especially if they’ve taken on the work themselves. With stratEDGE, all of your campaigns across all of your social media accounts are centralized to one location. You and/or your employees will be able to access and maneuver through this platform with ease. You’ll feel confident in knowing you can review the response and results of all your marketing efforts from one central location.

User-Friendly Integration Process

Uncomfortable about the idea of transferring so much data into stratEDGE‘s system? Thankfully, the platform is completely user-friendly. Integrating all of your past and present data is made easy. You’ll be able to link up your social accounts and let stratEDGE to the rest.

You’ll be receiving data and personalized reports in no time. It’s this efficiency that is making stratEDGE a popular choice for small businesses, who don’t have the time to just throw money in an advertising budget and hope for the best. We know how busy running a business can be, and that’s why stratEDGE is designed to save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Receive Personalized Advertising Recommendations

It can be difficult to find, and afford, a marketing consultant that you know you can rely on. Luckily, stratEDGE is able to analyze all of your data and give you personalized recommendations on how you should approach advertising. Here are a few factors that stratEDGE can provide data on:

• Which social media platforms are generating the most interest

• What type of advertisement is generating the most income

• Whether your investments are yielding worthwhile results

• What audience is responding to your advertisements

• Whether or not certain social media platforms are yielding positive results worth investing in

Created by experienced industry professionals, and constantly updated to account for new trends, platforms, and marketing data, stratEDGE will give you reliable, high-quality information with more efficiency than any full-time consultant.

On the Clock Employee

With stratEDGE’s easy integration, 24/7 processing, and consistent, reliable results, stratEDGE is a model employee for any small business owner looking to make a splash online. With stratEDGE’s predictive analytical wizard, you’ll be able to make informed choices that maximize your budget in a way you never knew was possible. In fact, strarEDGE is capable of saving employers the 26% of their advertising budget that has been shown to be wasted on data collecting. To put stratEDGE in charge of these processes means you’ll have guarantees of:

• Data Sustainability

• Data Reliability

• Premium Organization

• Clarity and Comprehension

• Efficiency (No Time Wasted)

With stratEDGE on your team, you’ll feel confident knowing that your budget and efforts are being used to their full potential. Your budget will be maximized, your data direct and helpful, and your business will be able to grow at a more efficient rate than ever before.

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Small businesses make critical mistakes when advertising. From spending on wrong fields to poor decision making, those mistakes can drain profits. Contact us for great advertising management strategies and more. We have a simple, uncomplicated and results-oriented approach to every campaign.