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How to Empower Women in the Workplace
June 9, 2019 at 8:00 AM
by kaci b.
While in India, I was working with a non-profit that held a women’s fellowship in an upper room in a slum building on the outskirts of Delhi. The colors of the women’s saris were overwhelmingly beautiful in the brightly painted room, and the way we all sat so closely together with our legs crossed on the floor gave off a strong feeling of family. Some women, like this one, brought their children to sit with them.

What Does Women's History Month Mean for Gender Equality?:

Women's History Month has emphasized some examples of progress in women empowerment around the world, but it also reminds us of how far we still have to go to achieve gender equality and equal pay for all. So, we must ask ourselves, how must we accomplish this? We need to take a step back and look at our work environments, where we are working in an environment that is not conducive to women's full potential.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

For example, in 1955, when the first list of Fortune 500 companies were ever released, it was reported that 32 females were CEOs during this time. In 2017, Fortune 500 companies reclaimed its all-time-high of 32 women CEOs since 1955. However, in 2018, this number quickly dropped back down from 32 to 24 women CEOs. Not only does this mean that Fortune 500 companies digressed in 2018, but it also means these companies have not made much progress since 1955 ("Just 24 female CEOs," Mejia).

Companies' Role in Promoting Gender Equality

As a driving force for employment, innovation, and investment, companies play an essential role in promoting gender equality and enabling women to achieve their full potential. It is time to support this ideology. Now, we need other people to take concrete actions to ensure women's economic empowerment and an equal workplace for all employees. We need to encourage women entrepreneurs and innovators to create new businesses, raise awareness about the impact of gender equality on business, and support female entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Beerbower Advertising & Marketing's Pledge to Working Women

This year, Beerbower Advertising & Marketing (BAM) is highlighting a number of initiatives that are working to make sure that women have the right tools to achieve their full potential. We're proud to announce our first ever women empowerment campaign to raise awareness about the importance of women's empowerment in business. That is why we decided to partner with Kiva.

We must also make sure that women are given the right tools to achieve their full potential. This includes:

  • Education, training and mentoring
  • Access to information and information technology
  • Access to resources like career development services, job boards, and online forums to help women find jobs
  • Access to professional networks and networking opportunities

How to Achieve Women Empowerment in the Workplace

Women's empowerment will pave the way for gender equality, especially in developing countries. With this, women's participation in economic activities outside the home promotes workplace diversity and destroys established gender stereotypes. Women's empowerment can also be achieved if women can receive education and medical care. In addition to benefiting at the individual level, girls' education can also compensate for literacy gaps between men and women.

We want to help women build their businesses by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in their careers. Our goal is to provide a platform where women can learn from each other and develop skills that are required to become successful entrepreneurs. We believe that women should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve success in business.

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