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stratEDGE is the very first patent-pending solution that measures your advertising-to-sales ratio to display the effectiveness of your overall cross-channel advertising campaigns.


stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™
the stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™ quiz determines which social media platform(s) will earn advertising campaigns the most money

While its competitors have a broad focus on many performance metrics, stratEDGE has a niche focus on maximizing its users’ return on advertising spend—the ROI of digital advertising and marketing.

stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™

stop wasting 26% of your advertising budget

focus on the campaigns earning you the maximum return on advertising spend

how it works
see how our predictive advertising analytics can maximize your return on advertising spend through our custom-tailored solutions

Our growing business takes a different approach than what else is out there. After identifying gaps in the market, stratEDGE has chosen to fill them for your convenience. We're continuously testing and doing research to make sure what we're offering actually works. To that end, we always welcome your feedback.

  • intelligence

    stratEDGE intelligently reduces the amount of money its users spend on researching the most effective social media channel(s) for their online advertising campaigns. Subsequently, stratEDGE does this by using its proprietary predictive advertising analytics algorithm to help users make informed and strategic advertising decisions for their business.

    Users can do by taking the stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™ quiz. The quiz utilizes factors like job industry, campaign goals, and product or service being sold to make its final recommendations to the user.

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    The Analytics View enables users to analyze data to compare the performance between as many cross-platform or in-platform campaigns as they want. At the same time,

    stratEDGE's predictive analytics model automatically identifies opportunities for users to move their advertising budgets to their top-performing campaigns.​ Even more, this ensures that users are always optimizing to maintain the highest return on advertising spend as possible.

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    Through stratEDGE's artificially intelligent machine-learning algorithms, teams can make better-informed decisions that will maximize their return on advertising spend by 400% or more.

    Through stratEDGE's help in optimizing and growing users' return on advertising spend, this makes it 3x more likely that they beat their sales targets by 25% or more.

account setup
creating an account with stratEDGE is simple

Follow the step-by-step guide below

  • 1. create your free account
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    2. take the stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™ quiz
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    3. receive your tailored advertising recommendation
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    4. request a free and dedicated virtual account manager for campaign implementation
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    5. connect to your social media accounts
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    6. instantly import all associated advertising data
  • icons8-statistics-100.png
    7. compare aggregated campaign data in your Dashboard View
  • icons8-compare-100.png
    8. compare individual campaign performance in your Campaign Analytics View
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    9. compare multi-campaign performance in your Campaign Analytics View
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    10. understand where which platforms are earning your advertising campaigns the most money and why
about stratEDGE

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    our story

    Kaci Beerbower, the Founder and CEO of Beerbower Advertising & Marketing (BAM), started her company to focus explicitly on website application and software-as-a-service (SaaS)  development in the AdTech and FinTech spaces.

    Through her extensive research and profound understanding of digital marketing, Kaci was the first person to coin and develop what is now known as "AdFinTech." Currently, Kaci's company works with a team of extremely experienced developers to continue and maintain stratEDGE's purpose and vision.

    Likewise, stratEDGE works to aggregate and streamline cross-platform advertising metrics within its platform to help users better understand their overall cross-campaign performance, whether that be on Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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    our vision

    Our vision is to help everyone truly understand how to optimize their return on advertising spend (ROAS). We made stratEDGE for everyone, regardless of their experience level in digital advertising. Truth be told, we did this because we want to help as many people as possible to create continuous advertising campaigns that always get an A+ performance report.

    We want to help our users to be more productive when spending time on analyzing the performance of their cross-platform, digital advertising campaigns. In turn, that is why stratEDGE uses a proprietary predictive advertising analytics wizard as the foundation of our platform. So, by using stratEDGE, users will be able to see which advertising platform(s) are giving them the best return on advertising spend (ROAS).

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    our technology

    stratEDGE's Predictive Analytics Wizard eliminates the need for manual data reporting and advanced advertising research. This type of reporting and analysis results in digital advertisers and marketers to waste an average of 26% of their overall digital advertising budget. In turn, stratEDGE uses technology that incorporates application programming interfaces (APIs) to help it function. As a result, this ensures stratEDGE maintains data sustainability when communicating with its third-party social media partner platforms. Consequently, you can trust that stratEDGE will always provide accurate and reliable advertising data while simultaneously delivering best-in-class performance insights.

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