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Open Analytics Platform SAS and its Benefits to Data Management Automation
July 4, 2019 at 8:00 AM
by kaci b.
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What is SAS?

SAS is one of the most powerful analytical tools in the world of business, allowing companies across the globe to make smarter business decisions and paying for itself many times over. As a result, the company behind the SAS product has become one of the most widely respected in the country - the firm is routinely cited on lists of top workplaces and preferred employers.

Throughout the business world in general and the field of data management automation in particular, the benefits of SAS are widely known. But there are still many business owners who have not yet discovered the value of SAS in their organizations. For those businesses, open analytics platform SAS is gaining ground, as more and more companies discover the difference this powerful analytical tool and programming language can make.

Making Sense of Business Statistics - the Value of SAS Visual Statistics

Collecting data has never been easier. Consumers are sharing more than ever before, from the products they buy and the brands they interact with, to the reviews and photos they post online. But making sense of that data has not gotten much easier - the sheer volume of incoming data can bury businesses under an avalanche of irrelevant and misleading information.

That is why SAS Visual Statistics is such a powerful tool for data mining and smart integration. Instead of simply collecting data, companies can mine valuable nuggets of actionable information. By placing data in a visual format, SAS Visual Statistics allows everyone at the organization, from experienced data scientists to marketing professionals to front-line customer service representatives, to use the information in effective and creative ways.

Predicting Consumer Behavior

The value of SAS Data Management and SAS Visual Statistics goes far further than simple data mining. By predicting customer behavior and identifying the successes of past marketing campaigns, these SAS analytical tools provide businesses with everything they need to anticipate and predict the behavior of their customers.

Predicting customer behavior is already an important part of doing business in the 21st century, but the value of predictive technology is expected to grow even greater in the coming years. Amazon has already said it hopes to harness the power of prediction, determining which products customers want to purchase and presenting them with their own customized shopping lists.

Amazon is just one example, and the consumer-facing businesses that do best in the next couple of decades will be those best able to predict the wants, needs and behavior of their customers. Tools like SAS Visual Studios and SAS Data Management allow businesses to take advantage of the power of information - honing in on the most relevant data and finding the signal in all that noise.

Managing Data in the 21st Century

Every business, no matter what their niche or how rich thier history, relies on data to identify prospects, find new customers and create popular new products. Increasingly, businesses rely on analytical tools to make sense of the data they collect, and SAS Data Management Standard is one of the most popular of those platforms.

Like its other offerings, SAS Data Management Standard is designed to work seamlessly with a number of related analytical tools, letting businesses create a visual portrait of their customers and the data they provide. And while these tools are routinely used by data scientists and similar professionals, the user-friendly nature of the software allows those without technical training or expertise to use the information as well.

The Value, and the Risk, of Data Mining

The trend toward automation in data management has been going on for quite some time, but it has really picked up steam in recent years. A number of factors have come together over the past couple of years, including the falling price of data storage and the affordability of high-quality hard drives and servers, the rise of cloud computing and managed IT services and the easy collection of customer data via online surveys, data mining and other collection methods.

The widespread data mining that is now taking place carries a host of potential benefits for businesses of all sizes, but it is not without its risks. In the absence of quality analytical tools, the high collection rates imposed on customer data could actually be counterproductive, leading businesses down blind alleys and causing them to make poor business decisions.

When the trend toward widespread data mining first began, business owners were quick to identify its potential, and quick to gather as much customer information as they could. But now that the trend is more mature, those same business owners are recognizing the limitations, and looking for ways to make the data they collected more useful.

For many businesses, SAS Enterprise Miner has become that tool. Unlike many competing products, SAS Enterprise Miner is specifically designed to address the large volume of information modern businesses now collect.

Specifically, this powerful tool for business analytics serves as an accurate predictor of customer behavior, allowing business owners to make smarter decisions, increasing the return on investment and making costly blunders far less likely. With SAS Enterprise Miner, businesses can build highly accurate predictive models - models that are rooted in science and available to all the decision makers at the company, from the data scientists in the research labs to the programmers in the IT department to the salespeople in the field.

Businesses can also use SAS Enterprise Miner to create highly detailed descriptive models of their companies and their prospects, simplifying the marketing and lead generation process. The identification of promising leads and the targeting of underserved customer niches provides fertile ground for savvy marketers, but until recently identifying those hot prospects has been a complicated and time-consuming process. Aided by SAS Enterprise Miner and similar tools, businesses can streamline their operations and make the most of every nugget of data they gather.

Mining Text for Marketing Gold

Mining data is a vital part of doing business in the digital age, but data comes in many different forms. In order to take advantage of the benefits of data management automation, businesses need tools that can make sense of all incoming information, including text.

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SAS Text Miner is one of the most powerful tools for text analysis. Designed as a plug-in in the SAS Enterprise Miner environment, Text Miner is able to combine incoming textual data with other forms of data mining, creating a more cohesive picture of the information being gathered.

This integration of effective text integration with traditional data mining methods is designed to give businesses a more complete picture. And since the software can accommodate all kinds of text files, from external databases and websites to internal text documents, value is enhanced and executives can make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions.

Gathering and processing data has always been a major part of business decision making, but the sheer volume of information has increased markedly in recent years. Armed with powerful new data collection and data mining tools, businesses are now free to gather information at an unprecedented rate. But making sense of that data and finding the valuable signal in all that noise is no easy task.

That is why SAS and its suite of data analytic and management tools play such a valuable role in the world of modern business. As the trend toward data automation continues, the value of these analytical tools will only continue to grow. The businesses that make the best use of these powerful tools will succeed, while those who fail to take advantage could see their prospects dim.

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