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Social Media Advertising Trends for 2019: Top Trends to Track
July 22, 2019 at 8:00 AM
by Kaci B.
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The Current Social Media State in 2019:

To say social media advertising is going through a tumultuous time would be the understatement of the decade. From increasing pressure on social media platforms like Facebook to change their ad targeting to the influx of new advertising options like augmented reality, how brands utilize social media advertising is rapidly evolving.

With Facebook alone generating over 13 billion dollars in advertising revenue in Q2 of 2018, it is clear that social media advertising costs, in general, will continue to increase. Thus, staying abreast of on the digital marketing industry's current trends, including social media posting and cadence, PPC, SEM, and display campaigns, as well as mobile advertising trends, is crucial for those companies wanting to increase their return on advertising spend (ROAS) across digital marketing platforms.

While Facebook-owned social media advertising properties are garnering plenty of business and consumer at an expected rate growth of 3.03% YoY, of course, they are not the only social media company with advertising platforms at their disposal. As a result, savvy digital advertisers and marketers alike are beginning to utilize a variety of platforms and outreach methods to maximize their customer acquisition and brand awareness campaigns all across the different social media platforms that allow advertisements.

However, we must note that this does not mean that digital advertisers and marketers have success on all the available advertising platforms. In fact, according to eMarketer, 26% of digital advertising spend will be wasted in the U.S. this year by those individuals using money to research the best platform(s) on which to advertise to earn the highest ROAS.

In such a chase, this 26% wasted advertising spend equates to a 33.8 billion-dollar market in the United States alone. Consequently, that is why stratEDGE App is being created: To help anyone out there who is selling a product or service online to get the highest possible ROAS.

That being said, If you really want to increase your business' advertising efforts in 2019 while maintaining a high ROAS, take into account the following top-six social advertising trends below.

1. Blockchain Technology

As blockchain continues to explode in popularity, expect to see an increase in demand for blockchain-enabled social media advertising services. Whether these blockchain-enabled services are made available on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter remains to be seen.

However, the growing cry for privacy-first advertising options is a trend unlikely to fade into obscurity. As a result. watch out for companies like stratEDGE App that are building disruptive interfaces at the intersection of blockchain and advertising.

If you follow only one social media advertising trend for 2019, blockchain's influence on advertising might be the most interesting one to keep up with.

2. Automation

Advertising automation on social media platforms will be hotter than ever in 2019. Startup companies like Brainity are innovating in the social media advertising automation sector, offering tools like automated Facebook/Instagram advertising re-targeting on Shopify for those in e-commerce.

In such a case, with growing innovation and expansion in the social media advertising automation sector, expect this to be the most popular trend that continues in 2019 and beyond.

3. Live-Streaming Advertising

Video is a must-use outreach tool for brands hoping to optimize their social media advertising efforts; that is because video, by far, earns the highest click-through-rate (CTR).

Therefore, as video continues to garner interest from companies around the globe, make sure to watch for an increase in advertising on live-streamed video broadcasts.

Just as revenue tools for podcasters are increasing in popularity, so too will advertising tools for live-streaming video broadcasters garner attention.

4. Podcast Advertising

Speaking of revenue tools for podcasters, when following the lead of companies like and their Listener Support tool, you will begin to see more emphasis on the podcast advertising stakeholders in 2019. Subsequently, podcasts have become an extremely popular social outreach meidum.

And, while podcasters have had significant trouble generating consistent revenue, freeing up spots for advertisements will be the push these individuals need for their podcasts to keep on a steady track. Consequently, as voice-based social outreach continues to attract attention from global companies, expect to see an influx of activity within the podcast advertising sector this year.

5. Voice-Enabled Advertising

On the topic of voice-based social outreach, expect 2019 to be a year filled with innovation in the voice-enabled advertising sector. While companies like Amazon have a significant headstart over their competitors like Google, due to their Alexa-enabled devices and time-to-market, stakeholders still question whether the company will remain the leading player in the voice-technology industry.

With growing interest from Chinese mega-corporations in the smart speaker sector, 2019 is likely to be the year when voice-activated smart speakers and their advertising capabilities become the new mainstream. In turn, if you are looking for an innovative way to get into the hearts and homes of your target market, pay attention to the enticing possibilities of social advertising through popular mediums enabled via voice-activated smart speakers (e.g, Pandora and Spotify).

6. Augmented Reality-Enabled Advertising

Thanks to tools like Apple's ARKit, augmented reality is continuing to attract attention from developers. Watch for more activity in the AR-enabled advertising sector as companies incorporate augmented reality into their social media advertising efforts. From augmented reality posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, to custom mobile AR applications for brands, the future of advertising in 2019 has an augmented reality written all over it. Thus, whether it is implement in advertising through video games or interfaces at live events, augmented reality will be a top social media advertising trend in 2019.


In general, understanding how social media advertising will be changing in 2019 is critical for brands wanting to get out in front of these trends, showcasing their best efforts to attract consumers. While PPC (pay-per-click) social media advertising will continue to be used by companies, it will not be their only method of reaching their customer base this year. From podcasting and live-streaming to augmented reality apps and blockchain-enabled social sharing, the future of social media advertising is undergoing a dramatic shift right before your eyes.

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